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What you get when you hire our services

We handover 5 results, harmoniously.

What we believe

The operational foundation and beliefs which support our everyday life.

1. Consistency

We strive for the homogeneity, coherence and density of the prospecting processes.

Consistency, therefore, is our ability to use and deliver reliable data.

In addition, it concerns how we apply efficient work habits, which result in greater reliability.

By analyzing data from each PaP process within a company, consistent information is obtained.

2. Excellence

We always look for great solutions instead of “slapping holes” and “pulls” that don’t completely solve the problem.

We believe that every solution is an opportunity to create assets for the company and customers. 

Therefore, we cover the problems with the best solutions within our reach.

3. Modular Processes

Our systems perform their functions by combining different modules.

Modules are components, subsystems and mechanisms that interact with each other and generate results independent of other factors.

This saves time in processes, and enables more agile decision-making and implementation.

The PaP Processes, coordinated and used together, generate measurable results.

4. Adaptation

Innovating our visions and adapting our processes is a very important value for PaP.

Using our beliefs and values, we seek to adapt to the different phases of the journey with customers.

Flexibility and resilience to develop our projects are crucial for a constantly changing market.

5. Long-term vision

We work to obtain consistent long-term results – for this it is necessary to see all processes as long-lasting productive assets.

This is one of our values ​​characterized by being strategic, tactical and operational.

That is why it is of great importance to achieve corporate success, here at PaP we believe in work and continuous promotion, so that there is continuous improvement.

6. Specialty

Corporate prospecting is our area of competence and specific interest for the most efficient possible generation of qualified leads for our clients.

The customer easily notices when there are inconsistencies in the service he has contracted for.

Here at PaP, we don’t explore other market opportunity channels, we specifically focus on corporate prospecting, engagement and meeting for our customers. This brings more assertiveness in our results.

7. Creativity

For us, creativity is the combination of inventiveness, intelligence and talent to innovate in the operational processes we apply.

In all of our processes and systems, there is a lot of room for human creation.

8. Transparency

We don’t exaggerate, we don’t invent advantages and we make a point of showing the processes from the inside, with the maximum possible opening of information, so that our customers can make the best decisions.

This transparency shows the constant search for excellence in the work developed at PaP.

We are diversity

We are engaged to create a work environment that adds worth to society.


Age diversity

We care for age diversity, encouraging the hiring of very young employees, middle-aged and elderly people.


Gender diversity

We nurture a fair and non-discriminatory work environment with respect to gender.


Commitment to  people

We are committed to promote diversity in the work environment, with equal and fair opportunities to everybody, regardless of archetype.


Women 40+

We support 40+ women, with toddlers, providing a real growth opportunity within the company.


Constant training

We foster constant learning,  training and updating, not only for newcomers, but also the ones who were already here.



It might be by call or via chat, we encourage  the team to communicate all the time. After all,  it’s a way to shorten distance in home office and also create empathy and trust.


Internal coaching

Coaching works as an enabler, allowing the development of the employees’ professional skills and abilities, providing permanent reliability.

Yes, I want to know more about PaP

We exhaustively seek excellence in the execution of our work.

We work as a team, focused, engaged and aligned with the goals of our clients, leveraging on our collective experiences and knowledge to build effective and perennial solutions to the challenges in prospecting for corporate clients.