Case studies and testimonials

Experience amongst all kinds of companies has given us opportunities to continuously improve.

“We found in PaP a very organized process, preparation of qualified material and a very engaged team with exciting initial results that brought us great expectations to continuously succeed in this quest.”

“I recommend PaP for the clarity in the negotiation, for the alignment of return expectations, for the commitment of the operational team and for the results obtained.”

"This rewarding experience led us to the contract renewal with PaP, enhancing our pipeline through a year of success."

"PaP is a company that is a 100% concerned with the project results and the satisfaction of its customers. These unique traits had been decisive for a partnership of success between BRMalls media department and PaP.”

"During the project, PaP´s quality, commitment and reliability showed us that the partnership wouldl lead to new deals in new segments!"

"The result of this project wasn’t only operational, but, mainly cultural. We’ve learned to keep focused in one of the most important activities of the company, prospecting." ​

"PaP´s help is of great value for Globo Publisher and feel safe to rely on such competent and expert professionals like you.”​

“In a market as competitive as health insurance, PaP has demonstrated the ability to prospect highly qualified leads for our company. I appreciate the partnership.”

“PaP, nowadays, is the biggest individual lead generator for pipeline acquisition, using net revenue metrics, being 20% bigger than second generator.”

“We are very delighted to count on a skilled partner, which shares our values.”​

“One of the perks of outsourcing prospecting with an experienced company like PaP, is that we have metrics and reports sent from time to time and then a data analysis is made and we search for more accuracy in sales and when scheduling a meeting.”

“We are happy about the partnership with PaP, those involved in our process are people willing and interested in solving the problems presented.”

“PaP studied and effectively elaborated one of the best projects of the credit card activation market.”​

“The results were positive even though the whole work was done during the pandemic moment. We were able to reach interested companies in our services that we wouldn’t do without PaP’s support.”

"That’s why Três Publishing chose PaP as an exclusive partner in this kind of new venture for our business market.”

“We are comfortable because we’re sure that PaP is always pursuing the best, besides accomplishing our main goal."​

“When we started our project, we didn’t think we would have so much success."​

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