Segment: Software

Chellange: With 18 years in the market and more than 1000 projects executed in information management, ERP and personalized support of the TOTVS Protheus system, Agility Solutions wanted to expand its circle of customers with companies that need solutions to integrate their data in a single platform.

PaP was hired to prospect leads in this area of activity.

“We chose PaP to prospect clients for Agility Solutions mainly because of the transparency about the return of prospects and PaP’s expertise with successful cases in one of our fields of activity.

I think the results of the work are very good. In just two months of prospecting, we have already closed two deals worth R$ 100.000.

I recommend PaP for the clarity in the negotiation, for the alignment of return expectations, for the commitment of the operational team and for the results obtained.”

Patricia Yuri
Operations Director


We planed the prospecting campaign, writing scripts for different approach formats and generating heated lists of the target audience.

We approached 349 companies within the campaign’s target segment.

We generated 144 qualified leads and 5 meetings.

With only 2 months of prospecting, Agility Solutions closed 2 deals, with a financial volume of around R$100 thousand, through the generation of qualified leads by PaP.