Segment: SAP Services and Licenses

Challenge: As a technology and services company, Delaware needed to change the organizational strategy of its commercial department.

PaP was hired to prospect qualified leads to acquire licenses to use SAP’s S/4Hana software. And, in addition, he also had the challenge of training the company’s commercial area.

“With the help of PaP and Stavros, we were able to structure our prospecting area. The result of this project was not only operational, but mainly cultural. We learned to focus on one of the most important activities for a company, prospecting.”

Rodrigo Moulard Managing partner


We prepared the structuring of the commercial department, with training of the majority team of the company.

We plane the prospecting campaign, with the elaboration of prospecting scripts for different approach formats.

We created systematic approach and follow-up mechanisms and prospected 950 large companies in Brazil.

We scheduled 54 meetings with highly qualified leads to be converted by the company’s technical team.