Setor: Education

Segmento: Courses

Challenge: RL Associates is a company specialized in professional qualification mainly in  Six Sigma area, which training is one of the most required developments by job market, being a huge competitive differential for the graduating students.

PaP was hired to approach universities and offer certification and also offer the RL Associates certification in Six Sigma areas, as well as search possible partners along universities granting scholarship for internal purposes to professors and coordinators.


“We, from RL Associates, are happy to be partners with PaP, everybody involved in the process, are all people who are willing and interested to solve the presented problems.

Our product is distinctive from other contracts, however we attend with warmth and attention.”

Toshie Mitiura


We draw up an ideal customer profile and generate prospect leads with high grip to our offered consulting services.

We word the approaching scripts by phone and e-mail for the decision-make public, emphasizing the closing of university partnerships. 

In one year during the project, we approached more than 2 thousand companies, generated 464 qualified leads and a total of 67 scheduled meetings. 

More than 8 thousand calls were done, and more than 4 thousand e-mails were sent in this time.