Methodology demonstration

How prospecting works at PaP

You can outsource part or all of your pre-sales department to us. The result is scheduling qualified meetings with companies interested in your product/service.

Choose the plan

You can choose a coverage plan based on the volume of new companies that will be approached monthly by the prospect.

Approve the materials

Depending on your strategy, we generate, for your approval, the list of prospects and the scripts with which we will prospect.

Conduct your meetings

Get generated leads that have shown interest after we qualify and schedule for you.

Expand markets

Periodically test new strategies (segments and products) to start your company's participation in new markets.

Workflow macro view

Systems, tools, processes, teams and management, all coordinated at the service of your prospecting campaign

First, let’s deploy your campaign

In one month, we start addressing your target market.

In the kickoff meeting we will plan how to deploy your campaign. You will meet the team who’ll take care of your business. Next step is the prospector addressing and scheduling meetings. 


We will also cover the deployment timetable , gathering data, preparing addressing scripts and prospect lists. In 30 days your project will be deployed and the executive will start prospecting.

We use assertive B2B databases

Choose your market segment anywhere in the world and we'll do the rest.

With PaP’s unique data mining method, your campaign will get more qualified leads from the start to feed the cadences of your prospecting campaign.

We can prospect companies in all countries, using global data that grants us a detailed analysis of international markets.

We have access to official databases of companies registered in each country and we still cross-reference information and enrichment with hundreds of other corporate databases.

Our team of analysts updates data of decision makers from active and open-to-market companies, with the help of automated platforms that capture public data.

In addition, we use cutting-edge tools and artificial intelligence to enhance and update data using professional social networks, corporate websites, directories, associations, chambers of commerce and wherever else your best potential corporate customers are.

We use the most modern B2B data platforms:

  • 330 million companies
  • 175 selective search filters
  • 25,000 data sources
  • Daily update

We prepare the commercial writing

We carry out a complete research on your company, the pains of your market and your differentials. Our team of professional writers scripts contact, engagement, warm-up and meeting scheduling.

We will approach the leads to present your company, in a corporate way

We use approach processes in the form of conversations that flow naturally, which we call “Flow”. We don’t use decorated scripts.

It is a systematic process for dealing with calls that start out “cold” but move the prospect to point A or point B based on their responses.

See the diagram for an example of how an initial phone conversation can flow.

The process starts with a quick and typical introduction.

Right after that we have a divider – was the receptivity cold, warm or hot?

As a consequence of the type of response, an action is taken. For each stage we reach, there are new “paths” to go.

Instead of using linear and memorized scripts, we use a proprietary methodology that incorporates flexible, dynamic and natural conversations, generating more effective contacts and engagements.

The “Flow” when used by experienced prospectors, enhances the results, since the conversations flow in a much more natural, assertive and objective way.

Meeting scheduling

Each prospect on the list goes through a controlled process of approaching and engaging.

Keep track of results in real time

Anytime, check your indicators in a state-of-the-art CRM.

The evolution of contacts with prospects can be verified through real-time reports, accessible at any time in state-of-the-art CRM.

Coverage: Number of companies approached by the multi-channel process, initiating active prospecting.

Significant emails and calls: Number of conversations that progressed to completion.

Conversions: How many leads were generated through the approach, either in scheduled meetings or other criteria depending on the scope of the project.

What is it like to partner with PaP?

“PaP is currently the largest single generator of deals for the acquisition pipeline using the net revenue metric, 20% higher than the second generator.”


Jefferson Santos
Diretor de Operações

“The advantages of working with PaP are that we have periodic reports and data analysis to seek even more assertiveness in scheduling meetings.”

Radio Sparx

Eduardo Di Napoli

“The result of this project was not only operational, but mainly cultural. We learned to focus on one of the most important activities for a company, prospection.”


Rodrigo Moulard
Sócio Diretor

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