Sector: Business services

Segment: Insurance

Chellange: Grupo Géia works expressively in the area of consulting and insurance brokerage, contracting PaP for an initial period of 3 months with a model of 100 companies (mid sized) approached per month. 

The objective was to approach the market to offer the contracting of health plans, in addition to expanding the coverage of existing plans and exploring other possibilities for prospecting customers in B2B.

“In a market as competitive as health insurance, PaP has demonstrated the ability to prospect highly qualified leads for our company.”

Nilson Santos
Business Developer


We created the ideal customer profile and generate lists of prospects with high adherence to the services offered.

We planed the prospecting campaign, writing scripts for different approach formats and generating heated lists of the target audience.

We approached 499 companies and generated 22 qualified leads.

A total of 14 meetings scheduled in this 3 month period.