Expand your B2B business connections with the most relevant customers in your market, inside and outside the country.

Welcome to PaP, your customer prospecting company, the ultimate solution for expanding your business through new connections with your best market.  

Our team of highly trained professionals is specialized in advanced prospecting strategies, offering customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

In the video, our CEO talks about PaP's history, types of customers served, the challenges of prospecting, and the work we do to help our partners expand their customer portfolios.

Stavros Frangoulidis, CEO, PaP

1000+ projects and counting

We work with companies in your industry and have 19 years of expertise in B2B prospecting. You can count on:
  • Research and analysis of potential market
  • Sales Playbook and Approach Strategy
  • Complete CRM
  • Humanized and customized approach
  • Engagement processes with decision makers
  • Heating systems for non-responding leads
  • Real-time reporting and financial results

Our experience and focus allows us a perspective on work and results that generalist agencies cannot offer.

Browse our portfolio of some cases.

"The team is capable and professional, they are real partners and committed!"

"When we started working with PaP we were looking in the market for a company that was robust enough to handle a global operation like ours, but that at the same time, could also be simple and uncomplicated in the way of execution and work.

To our surprise, PaP delivered far beyond our expectations, fulfilling everything we were promised from the commercial proposal, through the contract and changes along the way. The team is capable and professional, real partners and committed to make our success theirs as well.

I am happy to know that opening doors and seeking our clients for our company can be a less complex job to perform if you have a reliable supplier, today I am aware that this supplier is PaP."
Felipe Albuquerque
Marketing Manager Johnson Controls

Find your dedicated team, the PaPs

A multidisciplinary team with expertise and experience in B2B prospecting.

Our focus is only one: corporate prospecting. We have only one purpose: to implement and execute prospecting campaigns that generate highly qualified leads. 


Talk to your potential market and connect with potential customers interested in your solutions.


Count on assertive communication to convey to the market your best differentiators and stimulate engagement.

Market Analysts

We identify the best potential customers for your solution, meeting the requirements of quality and assertiveness.

Campaign Managers

We monitor the results and provide strategies for permanent improvement of the performance indicators.

Quality Monitors

We monitor daily the quality of the approaches and adoption processes so that your campaign runs on track.

IT Experts

We integrate technology assets to ensure functionality, operational security, and transparency for you.

"I recommend PaP for the commitment of the operational team and the results obtained."

We chose PaP to prospect clients for Agility Solutions mainly because of the transparency about the return of the prospecting and PaP's expertise with successful cases in one of our fields of activity. I consider the results of the work very good. I recommend PaP for the clarity of the negotiation, the alignment of return expectations, the commitment of the operational team and the results obtained.
Patricia Yuri
Director of Operations

Humanized approach

Optimize your investment in contacts that generate proximity

We use processes of approach in the format of naturally flowing conversations, which we call Flow. We don't use decorated scripts.

It is a systematic process for dealing with connections that start out "cold" but move the prospect to point A or point B based on their responses.

See the diagram for an example of how an initial telephone conversation might flow.

  • The process begins with a quick, typical introduction.
  • Right after that we have a divider - was the reception cold, warm or hot?
  • As a result of the type of response, an action is taken. For each stage that we reach, there are new "paths" to take.
  • Instead of using linear, decorated scripts, we use a proprietary methodology that incorporates flexible, dynamic, and natural conversations, generating more effective leads and engagement.
  • And we are ready to deal with the main initial objections that naturally exist to filter new suppliers.

Flow, when used by experienced SDRs, enhances results, since conversations flow in a much more natural, assertive, and objective way.

"We recommend PaP for their very well employed methodology in B2B prospecting."

We see that all the methodology developed and perfected by the company over the years allows the goals to be met and the results to always be within expectations."
Renan Luchiari
Development Engineering and New Applications

View our SDR profiles

PaP's SDRs have extensive experience in the function, receive refresher training and also receive constant monitoring support.

Test various market segments

The same engagement offer may get different responses depending on the segment addressed.

Jefferson Santos - Dir. of Operations - Great Schools Platform

What is it like to work with the PaP team

"We are very happy and already looking forward to next year. We intend to expand the work. 

PaP, today, is the largest single business generator for the acquisition pipeline using the net revenue metric, 20% higher than the second generator."


Reasons for you to expand your market

By expanding your client portfolio, in Brazil and/or abroad, you considerably increase the security and longevity of your company.

Reasons for you to expand your market in Brazil
  • Many new players need solutions that your company can provide.
  • Decrease dependence on current customers.
  • Broaden your market by testing new niches.
  • Test new products/solutions without messing with your current portfolio.
  • Test new logistics routes by reducing costs and then apply them to all customers.
  • Reduce marketing costs by being more assertive in the investment per qualified lead.
  • Optimising your internal operation, standardising processes and scaling your business.
Opening or expanding your International Market
  • Improve your revenue and profitability - Receipt in hard currency (Dollar /Euro).
  • Expand its market, going beyond the domestic segment.
  • To meet needs that do not exist in the Brazilian market.
  • Extend the sales cycle of the products.
  • Attend international markets where competition is lower.
  • Expansion of its customer portfolio without dependence on its domestic customers.
  • Optimise your operation by scaling your business globally.

PaP structure at your service

Rely on collaborative teams specialised in B2B prospecting.

Why choose PaP as your customer prospecting company?
  • Market expertise: With years of experience in the industry, we are leaders in client prospecting and have a deep knowledge of best practices and approaches to generate solid and lasting results.

  • Customized strategies: We understand that each business is unique and, for this reason, we create tailored prospecting strategies, considering the specific characteristics and objectives of your business.

  • State-of-the-art technology: We use the latest tools and technologies in the market with artificial intelligence to ensure that our prospecting solutions are efficient and innovative.

  • Proven Results: We have a proven track record of success in generating qualified leads and increasing business opportunities for our clients.

  • Outstanding customer service: We value every customer and strive to provide exceptional service and transparent communication at every stage of the prospecting process.

Some Customers who have honoured us with their trust

We serve companies of all sizes and segments.

Contact us today to find out how our customer prospecting company can help you boost your sales and grow your business. Don't miss your chance to stand out in the marketplace and win new customers with our expert services.

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