Segment: Medical

Challenge: Unimed is the biggest cooperative system in the healthcare area worldwide and also the biggest healthcare network, attending in 84% of national area.

 PaP was hired to prospect partners in healthcare, well-being and to create a network filled with benefits and privileges for Viva Unimed Card customers.


“We are happy and calm because we are sure that PaP is always looking for the best, in addition to understanding our main objective. Today there are more than 25 new partnerships per month to offer the best to our customer”

Fernanda Bosco
Marketing Manager at UBR Cards, a company owned by Itaú and Unimed



The structure of strategic planning to create the Privilege Club

We prospect local and dotcom partners in 330 Brazilian cities, with full fulfillment of the partnership until the contract is signed.

5,790 companies prospected in the period of 6 months, through an exclusive team dedicated to the project.

The result was the closing 380 contracts with partner companies, with services and products in the areas of health and well-being.