Segment: Retail Bank (Cards)

Challenge: The challenge with Santander was to increase the bank’s proximity to its customers, as well as to attract a new consumer audience for credit cards.

PaP was hired to prospect and attract partnerships to promote customer relationships through a rewards program for using the card, encouraging activation of those that have not yet been activated and increasing the average customer spending on the card.

“PaP has effectively studied and designed one of the best activation projects in the card market.”

Marco Aurelio Silva Telles
Cards Director – Alavancas Grupo Santander


We structured the strategic planning for the creation of the Advantage Club for all Santander credit cards.

We work on attracting local and dotcom partners with full fulfillment of the partnership until the signing of the contract, resulting in 420 contracted partners.

We created and launched the Santander card advantages portal containing all the offers and advantages for the consumer public, with more than 3,000 daily accesses.

The portal gave rise to the Santander Esfera Program, the main benefit channel of Banco Santander.