Sector: MEDIA

Segment: Online and Press Media


Publisher Três was seeking for innovative marketing tools and proven efficiency to increase its presence in the market, specifically at the subscription section.

PaP was hired to shape and manage the flow business channel of Publisher Três.

“More and more cutting-edge companies fight for market positions, they need new and proven effective marketing tools. The Subscriptions division of Publisher Três has this need and focus, as well as being an effective channel of relationship and new business for companies. But this task must be carried out by those who has this experience, organization, focus, methodology and highly qualified professionals to achieve the best results. That’s why Publisher Três chose PaP as an exclusive partner in this kind of new venture for our business market.”

Edgardo Abel Zabala
Executive Director of Subscriptions of Publisher Três


We make-up strategic planning structure and market sectioning of large size Business Newspaper and Partners.

We offer creation and production of all sales material: websites, booklets, approaching scripts, presentation, table charts and test run results.

We prospect with 5000 companies inside the target, closing deals with big financial institutions.

We implement retailer partnerships and the creation of a special sales channel resulting in a high volume of sales and high quality of customer attraction.