Sector: MEDIA

Segment: Print and online media

Challenge: Editora Globo has been in the market since 1952, and is currently one of the leaders in the segment, with more than 16 magazines in its portfolio, 3.4 million copies per month and 9.2 million readers.

PaP was hired to prospect corporate clients that use Editora Globo’s titles as a promotional tool for their internal and external audiences.

“PaP believed in corporate projects and showed great interest in helping it become a large area, generating enormous results. Your help is of great value to Editora Globo and I am confident in counting on competent and experienced professionals like you.”

Marcus Fedulo
Director of Subscriptions at Editora Globo


We prepared the strategic planning and segmentation of the corporate market according to the profile of Editora’s corporate clients.

We produce all the sales material: website, brochure, approach scripts, presentation, tables and simulations of results.

The prospection with 2,100 companies within the target with the closing of contracts that resulted in a 25% increase in the circulation of Revista Época.

The project culminated in the formation of several important partnerships, one of them with Banco Santander, for a project to activate credit cards.