Segment: Malls

Challenge: BRMalls is a company that operates in the field of shopping center management, with participation in 31 of them, in all regions of Brazil, and needed a successful partnership for its media area.

PaP was hired to structure, manage and operate a campaign to prospect and attract customers in the segments of automakers/dealers, medical clinics, education and civil construction, for the sale of indoor media in the malls of the BRMalls group.

“PaP is a company 100% concerned with project results and customer satisfaction. These differentials were decisive for the success of the partnership between the media area of BRMaills and PaP.”

Fabio Amorim
Corporate Media Manager


We planed the qualified lead generation campaign through segmented prospecting in the 4 target sectors.

We defined target positions for each segment and prepare prospecting lists.

We developed prospecting scripts for different approach formats, with prospecting carried out in 1,060 companies segmented by sector.

We generated 84 qualified profile meetings in 90 working days.