Sector: Business services

Segment: Consulting

Chellange: ABC3 – Brazilian Association of Certified Advisory Board Members, is a governance boutique, formed by experienced and outstanding professionals in the corporate world, with the mission of bringing Corporate Governance to companies in Brazil.

ABC3 looked to PaP for specific knowledge in prospecting customers, based on its very well-defined processes and several success stories, aiming to hire a structured and organized process to prospect in B2B.

“In the search for an organized structure for corporate prospecting, ABC3 found in the PaP a very well organized process for selecting segments and companies, preparing qualified material for the search for projects and a highly engaged team at all stages with stimulating initial results and that bring us great expectations in the continuity and success of this endeavor.”

Gerson Vargas and Jorge Mitidieri
Associate Advisory Board Members


We create the ideal client profile and generate lists of prospects with high adherence to the consulting services offered.

We wrote the telephone and email approach scripts for the decision-making public, with an emphasis on instructive and educational content.

In a period of 7 months, we generated 16 meetings with large companies, which originated 12 proposals for Governance projects, all with good annual revenue.

We experimented with different audiences and segments, which resulted in a significant increase in the generation of more qualified leads.