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What is B2B prospecting

It is the structured process to find, in defined market segments, companies interested in evaluating, for acquisition, your product/service. 

The result of prospecting is a qualified engagement, through meetings, between decision-makers who did not know each other before.

Reasons to expand your market

By expanding your customer base, in Brazil and/or abroad, you considerably increase the security and longevity of your company.

Reasons for you to expand your market in Brazil

  • Many new players need solutions that your company can provide.
  • Decrease dependence on current customers.
  • Expand your market by testing new niches.
  • Test new products/solutions without messing with your current portfolio.
  • Test new logistical routes reducing costs and then apply to all customers.
  • Reduce marketing costs, being more assertive in the investment per qualified lead.
  • Optimize your internal operation, standardizing processes and scaling your business.


Open or expand your International Market

  • Improve your revenue and profitability – Receipt in hard currency (Dollar/Euro).
  • Expand your market, going beyond the domestic segment.
  • Meeting needs that do not exist in the Brazilian market.
  • Extend the product sales cycle.
  • Serve international markets where competition is less.
  • Expansion of its customer base without dependence on its domestic customers.
  • Optimize your operation, scaling your business globally.


Why prospection?

Among companies, most part of the businesses are born from a prospecting approach.

Corporate sales depends, essentially, on the contacts of interested companies offering solutions that interested companies potentially may acquire.

Telephone calls and messages by e-mail are guaranteed means of approaching a contact, since they are mandatorily active channels kept by every company in the market share.

Interested companies in proposed solutions value potential suppliers which have a proactive attitude with the market share and really perceive value on proposed offers.

When prospecting, the company is going through the potential market with a great edge compared with its competitors, which keep a passive stance, waiting for customers that  knock on the door.

As a result, the company which is prospecting more reaches the market more  than the passive companies, raising their revenue proportionally higher.

PaP structure at your service

Count on collaborative teams specialized in B2B prospecting.

What to expect when you hire our services

The result is the scheduling of qualified meetings with companies interested in your product/service.

More companies interested in buying

Start getting better known with the main players in your market segment.

Growing list of qualified leads

Count on the generation and heating of a list of qualified leads with a high propensity to acquire your solutions.

Scheduling meetings with stakeholders

Receive already qualified leads with the scheduled meeting, to convert them into customers.

Freeing up executive time

Free up your top executives' time to sell and not be on the phone trying to schedule with people.

Test different market segments

The same engagement offer can get different responses depending on the segment addressed. See the examples below:

Most attended segments

Diverse activities in the market hire our services to acquire new customers.

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